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Welcome to the spectacular fest of MJCET filled with exciting events and showcase of technical Intellect. Adsophos will revel in witnessing a scintillating display of 'engineering' and some spectacular celebrations of 'talent, team & awesomeness' at one of the country's biggest technical cum professional fests, where the engineers of tomorrow will compete against the best on the scales of logical, technical & professional competency, and ultimately reap distinguished honours & stunning prizes. With the dawn of every new edition of this dazzling extravaganza, the horizons of art, talent and creativity transcend by a light-year, and this 2016 Adsophos is one you all can just not envisage, until you experience it yourself.

Departmental Organisation of Events

Events that occur during fest are segregated according to departments. This enables the students of their respective departments to make the most of their field knowledge and display creativity in their projects and ideas for the events.

Gallery and Documentation

Let's roll back to what people had to say in Adsophos 2015.

  • I am the part of Web and Graphic Design team for E-cell. The banners and posters of e-week around the campus that catch your eye are made right here. The whole team works with dedication and I have my personal commitments to get the work done quick. Our work lasts till the night before fest and as every coin has two sides, while the other teams are busy organizing events, our team will be having fun!

    Khizer Hassan
  • Registrations is the toughest job as a peoples' person, It's hard to convince students, we should prove our event in the fest is better than other events.So to put in a word, logistics is very difficult as an organizer.

    Kushal Vijay
  • MJCET MERCHS, an MJCET Student Venture brought up the idea of common T-shirts and Hoodies for fest as well as for the events of college which shall be conducted all through the year. The role of our Dean Mr. Syed Ferhatullah Hussainy sir is pivotal in this regard. His idea of letting students to come up with their ideas and implement them is simply awesome.

    Zafar Shah
  • I work for Computer Society of India and our event was Code crackers. The first round is a simple puzzle round, Engineers always love to solve challenges. The second round is a coding session. You see, In first year we had C, the most significant language and one is always advised to withhold the logic of C throughout life as an Engineer.The third round is based on cipher concept which is useful for learning cryptography. This event was a perfect collaboration of Fun and Learning that contributed to its success.

    Mohammed Hyder

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